Saturday, 25 August 2012

Forever 21 Cream Blazer £19.99
Dorothy Perkins Grey Top

 Hi everyone!
This is my second fashion post. I'm trying to do more of these post but I feel awkward posing in front of the camera. (I guess I just have to practice a bit more.) I am not going to lie to you but in these photos I actually had to airbrush my face..... I know this is cheating and unnatural but I had a huge zit on my forehead and my face was kind of round as well so I did a bit of "fixing". It is not a huge fix just removing the blemishes.

Anyway, regarding the cream suit. I was trying to find something white for ages and I went to Manchester and saw a white and cream version of this. My sister said that the white one made me look like a lab scientist so I went for the cream one instead.

I love this because it has pockets however there is no buttons on the blazer. There are pads on the shoulders to give more structure to the blazer. I love the texture to this as it is very soft. The blazer is very thin so I think this is perfect for spring or summer when you are going to work, shopping, night out etc etc.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Product: MeMeMe Pussy Cat Cheek & Lip Tint
Price: £5.25
Where to buy: Superdrug,

I first saw this product from Queenie on youtube. I really like how it gave a really natural appearance on the skin and also it gives a really nice colour on the lips as well. 

This product is very good price for a 2 in 1. I love multi-products. This brand isn't very well-known but some of their products packaging and concept reminds me of Benefits but their price is a lot cheaper and the products quality probably isn't as good.
The packaging label has completely rubbed off. I don't think it is fake though.... since I bought it from Superdrug. I assume it is just poor packaging.

Before                                                          After

I was afraid that you couldn't really see the difference on my cheeks so I did a tester on my hands. As you can see the colour is very natural light pink (not purple/dark red like the packaging).

Verdict: 9/10
I love this product! It is a cheap and long lasting product. This is just my first bottle. There was a time I use it regularly. You don't need much of it. Just a few drops and that is it. The product just sinks on to your skin so you have to quickly blend it before it sets on your cheeks. It won't rub of the skin but it is easy to come off with water or make-up remover.

So does it remind you of this product?

This product is around £24.50. The choice is yours. I recommend using MeMeMe and giving it a go.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Product: Oxy on the Spot Cream
Price: £4-6
Skin: All Type
Where to buy: Ebay or Amazon

Benzoyl Peroxide Cream
Effetive Treatment for Spots

A few years back I always try and find products which can help treat my spots. I had of blemishes on my face. I think this is the best spot treatment cream I have used. I have tried many others such as clean and clear, clearasil, freederm etc but I feel like they don't really work or it feels really harsh on my skin.

The texture is white and creamy. The packaging is black. It was red previously but I think they are targeting at male buyers more then females. I couldn't find it in drugstores any more so I had to purchase mines online.

This cream heals spots in like 1 or 2 todays. Just apply it once. I apply it before I go to bed. You can also use it even if you don't have spots to prevent them from occurring.

Verdict: 8/10
There is no such thing as a one day healing cream for spots. Lots of different skincare brand try to "cheat" customers and state that they can heal a spot in a few hours or a day. Spot takes at least 3 days to disappear or reduce in size. I won't say that this heals it completely but it does reduce the spot appearance the next day without having the stinging feel I usually get from other products. I recommend this for people who has spotty or acne-prone skin to give this a go. Everyone has different skin type. This worked for me but it doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Product: Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker
Description: Faster your Seatbelts! It's Super Colour Sexy Mother Pucker
With Lipswell Natural Plant Oil Infusion and Superfill Volume Maxing Microspheres
If you do't like it, plump it:
Sexy Mother Pucker activates On CONTACT. Just brush onto lips and repeat to yourself "They're getting bigger!"
Price: £9

I am going through a phase where I want big lips. I usually do make-up which focus more on my eyes but for some reason I went into this phase. This was one of the well-known products I have heard of that supposedly helps enlarge your lips and I have heard many stories saying it works. I decided to try it myself.
At £9, this product is dear for a lip gloss but this lip gloss is supposedly different compared to other lip gloss so I just bought it.

When I put this on, I felt a burning on my lips. It was like eating spicy food and it gives you a weird tingle. It stayed there for a while.
I kind of like this lipstick. My lips at the bottom looked a lot bigger but I don't know if it is the shine that makes it look bigger or if it has actually gotten bigger by the product.

(I have very small dry lips) 

Before: and After:

There are 4 colours to choose from.

Verdict:So judging from the photos, I think my bottom lips look plumper. I tried to make the photos as identical as possible to give a true reflection. Will I purchase this again? If I am still in the "big lips" phase I think I will purchase it again. However, phase passes really quickly and this product is  quite expensive for a lip gloss so I guess I will re-think before purchasing.

P.s. this lipstick is quite sticky so might get caught in your hair.

I remember when I went to Hong Kong to purchase a bronzer I couldn't find any at all. I went to all the drugstore that sold beauty products including Manning, Watson, Bonjour etc but they only displayed whitening products. They had western brand such as L'oreal and Maybelline but they only sold whitening products instead of bronzing product. This was unusual since in UK, you rarely see whitening products on the shelves and there are tons of bronzing products in Superdrug and Boots.
I can only make a comparison between UK and Hong Kong and it fascinates me that one country likes to make their skin whiter and another wants to have darker skin.

I assume that Hong Kong people want whiter skin because it gives a clear, clean and flawless appearance.
People want to bronze because it gives a healthy glowing skin and it makes you look slimmer.

It is funny, in the end, people always seem to want what they don't have e.g. in Hong Kong people tan really easily because they have sunny weather but in UK it is hard to get a tan. Hong Kong people try and stay out of the sun as much as possible and use lots of different whitening products.

In the UK, instead of calling it whitening products, they have started selling "brightening products" This is suppose to remove dark marks from you skin so you have even complexion and it brightens your dark areas (such as your under eyes and nose area).

Personally, I like the tan look more then the pearl look. I think a tan makes you look healthier and it also makes you look slimmer on the face. However, I seem to use a lot of whitening products unintentionally such as the BB Creams and some of the Korean skincare. They all have SPF and some sort of whitening ingredients.
A olive skin complexion is what I prefer to have.

In the end, all skin types are beautiful but it depends on what kind of look you go for and what you like and what you are born with.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Product: Miss Sporty So Energetic Natural Radiance
Description: 10 HR Actiberry Instant Skin Glow
With Skin Loving Actiberry & Vitamins A, C, E
Skin Type: 02 Medium
Price: 3 for 2 in Superdrug or £3-£4
So Energetic Natural Radiance Foundation gives a instant healthy glow to your skin and lasts for up to 10 hours.
  • Enriched with Atiberry, a unique natural strawberry extract, rich in antioxidants, helps to reduce skin redness and irritations and protects against environmental damages.
  • Cocktail of vitamins A, C and E helps to smooth & moisturise skin to enhance your skins natural radiance.
  • light reflecting pearls help your complexion to look luminous and fresh.
  • blends of minerals helps to maximise skin and fatigue effect.
  • Flawless, natural complexion stress-free.

This product  sounds too good to be true. Is this foundation what it claims to be? The texture is very water-based. It is more of a light coverage. When I first squeezed it out of my tube there was water coming out only with abit of colour paste but in the second squeeze the foundation came out.
This foundation reminds me a lot like a BB Cream. The benefit it provides reminds me of a BB Cream.

This foundation does last up to 10 hours but it fades a bit towards the end. It claims that it will make you look less tired and looking at the picture above I say it does. It also gives me a really healthy glow on my skin. It has a really nice smell as well. This foundation makes my face really soft as well.
However, this foundation is not very good at covering blemishes. This kind of defeats the purpose of a foundation.

Verdict: 9/10
I love this foundation. It is really easy to blend especially with your fingers and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin as well. It doesn't make my skin breakout and it makes it moisturise and smell nice.  I normally don't like scented products but this one has a really nice smell. I like the natural glow to the skin. The coverage thing doesn't bother me too much since I like the natural look but if you prefer full coverage then this is definitely not the foundation for you.

Sunday, 12 August 2012


I have finally watched The Hunger Games Movie so I decided to do a comparison between The Hunger Games and Battle Royale.

I don't see the point in people saying "The Hunger Games is not the same as Battle Royale" because in the end, they have identical concept (students/young people forced to kill each other with one winner only). There really is not point in trying to prove The Hunger Games doesn't resemble Battle Royale and no ideas were copy. E.g. you don't see people comparing Twilight with Battle Royale and trying to prove they are different (That's cause they are different) but people all over the Internet keep comparing them so they must have some similarity.

The Audience: It is obvious that the audience aimed at is different for both movies.
THG: I would recommend this to people who are 12-17 years old to watch this film. I don't think adults will be too interested in this film because I feel like they have created a very fantasy atmosphere at the beginning of the film (The people with the weird costumes and hair). The deaths are less bloody compared to BR.
BR: Once you hit 18 I recommend watching Battle Royale. This is an adult film. There are plenty of bloody parts. There are many disturbing parts and I had a feeling of claustrophobia.

THG: Filmed in 2012, this is set in the future where people who are poor are placed in "District" and the rich people uses them to create a TV program to kill others. THG has more hi-tech to monitor the people to fight. I am not surprised since America are very good at doing future films. The filming was very bright and mostly daytime. There were no thrilling atmosphere.
BR: Filmed in 2000, this is set in the millennium where students have become more disrespectful to adults and has become lazier. Adults wanted to punish them therefore the government created a BR Act. (In the manga though it is a TV program as well but I'm not going to confuse it by comparing that as well so just going to leave it out.) Battle Royale doesn't have high technology, it is very out of date monitoring but you have to remember that this is set in 2000 so it is well directed for a 12 years old movie. This film is filmed in mostly night time but their is also day time killing.

Beginning of the Game
THG: The film showed you how the people are selected from each District and then they are provided with a luxury place to stay; they get pampered for television and trained to kill. This was quite a long procedure and the game starts around 60 minutes later? I don't think I could really relate to the character. I also don't feel claustrophobic or felt like I was pressured in anyway. I kept thinking why do they not try and escape? why do they not run away? There were so many adults and children in the District. Why not they all at the start, try and rebel against them? They should have showed one child trying to escape but they killed her. This will allow the audience to realise that they can't escape. (Although when one contender died it did show them rebelling.)
BR: The students get gassed in a bus and  they are taken into a wrecked building in the island with a collar on their neck. The classroom was set in a very dark and daunting atmosphere. (It reminded me of Saw 1 when the guy was trapped in a bathroom). I like how at the start, the teacher activates the collar to show what will happen if they disobeyed. Blood bursted out of the student's neck and he died immediately.

THG: So the main characters are Katniss and Peeta. The couple who survives. I like how the girl is stronger then the boy. Both characters are developed well in the movie. Other characters were developed well but it was not the players. In the end, you kind of just rooted for Katniss and Peeta to survive and think of the other players as villain. What was the point in Gale? (Unless he is important in the sequel?)
BR: The characters in the movie are not developed as well as in the book so if you are just watching the movie and not read the books or manga, the villains will be the crazy male and female. However for the crazy female, you kind of sympathy for her when she stated "in the end I don't want to be a loser" If you watch the extended version you see that her mum forced her to have sex with a old man when she was young. Most of the characters seems to be in love with their classmates. Most of the girls seem to fancy Shuya, the main male lead. You don't just root for Shuya and Noriko to survive but you sympathise for some of the other students and you know why they killed.

Katniss = Tomb Raider?


 Chigusa = Kill Bill?

Realistic:Well to be honest neither is realistic but which movie made you think I could be that character, I could be in that situation and the whole setting of the movie.
THG: I think that making it into a TV program in future could happen (in like 3000 years) if the poors are really poor and doing nothing and the riches are very rich wanting proper entertainment since all shows have been done (like Big Brother). However, the training part.... I'm trying to picture myself being picked and I was thinking even if I trained to kill I don't think I will be skilful and will I have the mentality to want to kill someone? I would be crying all the time instead of staying in that place to train and wait to die. Also, the investment in the facilities and accommodation they are staying in to get ready for the show is glamours. In the end I think I just watched THG and want the actress to win and all other people are villains so I don't sympathy for them if they die. I like how in the film, they do consider that if you don't have water and you are out in the forest for too long you might get dehydrate and not have the energy to fight. That is true, people will not last but in BR, this is not explained.
BR: When I watched this film I imagined my class in school. I can actually see classes being put in the position and then I thought "Who will I kill?" and "Who can I trust?" I think Battle Royale hit this point. The audience can really relate to the characters. Some doesn't want to kill and rather die. When they see a dead body they are scared as hell. None of the characters are trained, they are just thrown into the game. What is unrealistic about the film is how the guns does not seem to need reloading at all and the people seem to take age to die after many gunshots.

The islands gets smaller: Both in Hunger Games and Battle Royale has areas which are the danger zones and they must escape or they will die.
THG: I like how in the Hunger Games, they reduce the areas and make the person leave by setting fire to the place. That gives them a good reason to leave.
BR: In Battle Royale, the teacher informs the areas which are forbidden and the people must mark it on their map. It doesn't really explain what will happen if they stay in the forbidden area but we, the audience, can only assume that their collars will explode if they were to remain in the area.

Final Thoughts:
The Hunger Games: If I watched this film first, I think I would have really liked the storyline and concept of students killing each other. However, I watched Battle Royale first so I thought they portrayed the whole "survival program" better. The story was told at Katniss perspective so of course I find her character likable and rooted for her to win. I had no sympathy for the others. I do like The Hunger Games but I think I would have liked it more if I was in my teens.
Battle Royale: Someone stated that Battle Royale was funny at some point and the lines were cheesy. I disagree with that person. I think of Battle Royale as a Black Comedy. It had lots of bloody parts but their was some points that made me laugh. When the guy got an axe stuck on his head and Shuya asked "Are you okay?" and the guy response was "I'm sorry, I'm fine" haha.

I don't know why I think of this but I feel like The Hunger Games is like Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (It sets out the scene and  of what it is all about and what happens, it is aimed at children) and Battle Royale is like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (Much more darker, not really aimed for children, all about killing).
If The Hunger Games and Battle Royale Students were made to fight each other, Battle Royale Student would have killed The Hunger Games Students in like 5 minutes. There was too much waiting around in THG e.g. when Katniss was stuck up the tree and the "players" were waiting for her to come down, Kazuo would have shot her down. THG just needs better weapons.

Overall, I like Battle Royale more in the end but both films are recommended to watch.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Product: Laneige Professional Makeup Remover Multi Cleanser
 Price: $33.00 (£21)
Skin: All Type
Where to Buy:

So this was my first cleanser which removes make-up as well. I first heard this a few years ago when I watched Bubzbeauty videos. I really liked this make-up cleanser. It is a 3 in 1. It cleanses, it scrubs (although using it daily won't be good for the face) and it removes the make-up.

The texture is white-pink and thick. There is some small particles assuming it is the scrub. It has a "laneige" scent to it as well. This cleanser is good for when you go out at night and it is like 1 am and you want to remove all the make-up at once while cleansing the skin.

What I don't like about this product is that again IT DOES NOT REMOVE WATERPROOF MAKE-UP. Again I had a black eye the next day from the mascara.

Verdict: 7/10
Good for people who wants to cleanse, scrub and remove make-up at once but not good for people (like me) who uses waterproof make-up. This does not make the skin breakout, it doesn't dry the skin or make it oily as well. Very nice cleanser but I think the price is a bit dear for me. I don't think I will purchase this again. I rather purchase the Skinfood Milk Cleanser.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Product: Laneige Water Bank Essence Ex
Price:  $34.99 (£22)
Skin: All Types
Where to buy:

It was this video that tricked me into buy this product! Just joking (but seriously). I got this product because I read in the magazine that it was really good. It keeps the skin moisturised without making it get oily.

The texture is white. It is more water to cream. I really like this product. This made my face really soft and moisturised. You can wear this at day and night time. I think this is a good product to use after moisturising or you can actually use this and replace your moisturiser. It does not make the face breakout either. It is good for people who has really dry and sensitive skin. It gives the face a glow.

Verdict: 8/10
Good quality skincare. I think it is pretty decent for what you are paying for. Makes the skin look good. Keeps it hydrated throughout the day leaving it feel soft. Has a nice scent to it as well. A little pump goes a long way.

Prize : Maybelline BB Cream + Maybelline Popsticks Lipstick + Collection 2000 Gel Eyeliner
*International Giveaway*
This is a small giveaway to my followers! It is my first giveaway. I have finally reached 100 followers so I decided to do one. I think I will do another one when I reach the next "100" followers and next and so on. Thank you all for the support. I really appreciate it. I've done reviews on all these products so I decided to give these items away.
If you want more information on these products please click on the link below:

Maybelline Fresh BB Cream 
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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Product:  Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Eye Make-up Remover
Price: £3 - £5
I think it was my sister who purchased this first. This is really cheap for a eye make-up remover but does it do the job?
Before:                                                                                     After:

This works for eyeshadow or non-waterproof make-up but when it comes to waterproof make-up (which I tend to use), it takes forever to remove! I need to keep pouring in more on my cotton pad and use more then 1. After I thought I removed all the make-up the next day I have like a black eye. Its the mascara that it doesn't remove.

The left and right side are Nivea. I had to keep using it to remove my make-up. The top and the bottom is another eye make-up remover I used (which I will do a review soon). The "After" picture looks like I have removed all my make-up but actually the mascara was still there.

Verdict: 5/10
I think this product is good for people who uses eyeshadows and non-waterproof eye make-up but this is not good for me because I use waterproof make-up. It is good price as well and very gentle on the skin!

Jane Norman Stone Crochet Jumper
Colours: Stone or Coral
Price: £28

When I saw this I knew I had to get it immediately. I love knitwear so I do like Autumn and Winter. I think the best place for knitwear is Jane Norman! I got this for £8 since I got Jane Norman voucher from my friends. i like the design since it reminds me of a kimono sleeve. The white vest comes with it underneath. It is a loose wear. This is perfect for going out at day time, college or uni as well.

This is my first fashion post so will hopefully do more soon!

Stay Tune!


Monday, 6 August 2012

Name: Clinique Pore Minimizer Refining Mask
Where to purchase: Not Produced or Sold

I'll just do a quick review on this. I was trying to find this product online for the price since I got it a while back and was surprised that they Clinique has stopped selling this product.
This is a really good mask. As you can see the texture is white. The texture is quite dry and thick so I need to add a little water to easily apply it all over my face.
The mask dries very quickly and you can feel it tightening the skin. Once I rinse it off, my skin feels soft and it dries my blemishes out.

Verdict: 8/10
I don't want to go into further details since this has stopped being produced so even if I keep raving about it you will not be able to get your hands on it. It is unfortuante that they stopped producing it.

Product: Freederm Facial Cleanser
Price: £5-£10
  • Formulated by experts for spot-prone skin
  • Advanced pore cleansing action to combat blackheads
  • Antibacterial cleanser for all skin types
  • For daily use
Skin Type: Oily to Acne Prone Skin

This was my last cleanser that I went through during my teen time. I have used so many cleansers in my teens, drugstore to high brand (clinque, lancome, clearsail, clean and clear, garnier) and everything seems to make my face really oily or spotty or dries it out completely.
  •  Directions: Use Freederm Facial Cleanser every morning and evening in place of your usual soap or cleanser. Apply using your fingertypes, taking care to avoid contact with the eyes. Gently massage into skin using a small circular action. Wipe away any excess using cotton wool or rinse off
This is the best cleanser that I have used. It was a bit pricey for a drugstore brand at first but the price has dropped slightly now.

This cleanser is very gentle on my skin, it clears my spots and it leaves my face feeling clean and soft. If you keep up with it day and night each day, it actually prevents spots from appearing. I feel like when I get abit lazy and not use it my spots break out again but once I use it again it reduces it.

The cleanser packaging comes with a pump.The texture is white cream. You can rinse it off with water (which I prefer) or use a cotton pad to remove the excess.
 Freederm is a good brand for oily or acne prone skin and definitely recommend it to people with this skin type.

Verdict: 10/10
I just love this product.
I haven't been having the needs to find other cleansers for 4 years. However this cleanser is not a make-up remover. It is more like a healing cream. I'm still trying to find a cleanser which removes waterproof make-up.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Product: Freederm Oil-Free Perfecting Moisturiser
Price: £5-£8
Where to buy: UK Boots or Superdrug
Description: for spot-prone skin
fast, effective & long-lasting hydration. Helps to reduce spots.
Freederm Oil-Free Perfecting Moisturiser is specially formulated by experts to hydrate and moisture those areas of the face that need it most. At the same time, it acts on spot-prone skin to help combat blemishes. The moisturising ingredients are absorbed into the skin to smooth and improve its texture and appearance without blocking pores.

Like my cleansers, I have been through many moisturisers in my teen. Some made my face look so oily other dried it out and made me break out even more. This was my last moisturiser I got for 4 years and I didn't need to find another one since (although I might need to get anti-aging products soon).

This moisturiser does not make you face oily but keeps it smooth. I find that it has other advantages in it. It prevents and heals spots and it also gets rid of my blemishes. I kept it up using this product each day, day and night and my face was so clear. I find that if I don't use the cleanser for a few days and use this it was fine as well. The packaging was a tube before now it is a pump. I feel that the texture has also changed as well and ingredients. I felt the previous one was thicker and this one feels more watery (like the cleanser) but it still does a good job.

Verdict: 10/10
I recommend this to people who has been fighting acne or spots all their life to give this ago. I guess everyone skin is different but this works well on my face and skin.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Yes this is a repetitive post, I find it very repetitve and boring. Why does (most) girls seem to always point to Song Hye Kyo when it comes to getting clear skin? It's cause she has amazing skin! I wish I have skin like hers (Laneige is very smart to have find her as the model of their company.)
So how do you get clear skin like her?

3 Basic Skincare Step (It is easier said then follow and it is a common step):

1. Cleanser - Use a good cleanser that works for your skin day and night.
2. Toner - Find a toner that is not harsh on the skin. This removes the excess dirts from your skin.
3. Moisturiser - Find a good moisturiser to keep your skin soft.

  1. Steam - your face. I have a proper one (will do a review on it) or you can use a tube of hot water place your head over with a towel and steam for 10 minutes. This opens the pores so the beauty products works better.
  2. Mask - Every fortnight to get rid of dirt and make skin soft
  3. Scrub - Every week remove blackheads.
  4. Hydration - Use a water base product
  5. Spot Cream - For blemish areas

Other non-skincare methods:

1. Get lots of sleep - less baggy eyes and looking tired.
2. Drink lots of water - hydrates the skin
3. Exercise more - sweating all the dirt out.

My Real Life Situation with Skincare:
Maybe I've gotten lazier or I just don't have the time to do these stuff. If I remember, I will do the skincare routine however most days I just either use a cleanser (that removes make-up) and then use a cream at night time. At morning...... if I remember or if I am fine with the coldness, I will cleanse my face only but I don't remember doing the other procedures.
I haven't done the "Additional" for awhile apart from using the Spot Cream when I see a huge zit but yeah, that is about it.
I don't sleep 7 hours but maybe 6 hours a day which is bad. I drink a lot of tea and I hardly exercise now.
I think this post will motivate me though to take better care of my skin.

I want to thank Vanessa from for the giveaway! It was very nice!
The products which I received was:
  • Collection 2000 - Shimmer and Shades
  • Colllection 2000 - nail varnish
  • Guava Lip Butter
  • Opia Necklaces
Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it!

P.S - I will be holding my own giveaway soon so please keep visiting my blog!

This is an overdue post. I was wanting to make a video of it before but I felt so awkward speaking and I find the video boring and awkward to watch so I decided to do a post only about it.

I don't like taking a big bag full of make-up. I try to take small essential products with me. I don't like carrying a huge make-up bag because I will need to carry my handbag and it ways it down and gets heavy.
I think I got this make-up as a gift from one of my Hong Kong relative but I don't remember exactly since it has been a while since I got this bag.
  1. Collection 2000 Perfection Foundation - If you read my post on it, you will know I was raving about this foundation. I took this one because it was long lasting so I didn't have to re-apply my make-up throughout the day since I was out a lot.
  2. Collection 2000 Highlighter Concealer - I just use this on my blemishes and dark areas.
  3. Eyebrow Brush
  4. Skinfood Eyebrow Powder - to darken my eyebrows.
  5. Bobbie Brown Gel Eyeliner - I did a test on which gel eyeliner lasted the longest and this won so it was perfect for holiday.
  6. Mascara - Maybelline waterproof mascara
  7. Eyelash curler - Shu Umuera
  8. Cream blusher - Inglot small and I can use my fingers so don't need to take a brush with me.
  9. Lipstick - Revlon sweet tart goes with any make-up look and clothes wear.
  10. Sponge - To blend the foundation and concealer.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Product: Maybelline Dream Lumitouch Highlighting Concealer
Colour: Nude
Price: £6.99

I have to say that i actually really like this concealer highlighter. When I applied it on my blemishes, the concealer covered it really well. All you need is a little bit of this concealer and you can use it to cover the dark areas on your face. However, don't over conceal or click because too much and it can be a foundation but it will look really white. This colour is nude but the colour still came out really white. I suppose concealer are suppose to be a shade lighter then the skin.

Verdict: 8/10
A really nice concealer. I think it isn't too expensive because it does a great job in concealing. I think this is better at concealing then the Collection 2000 Illuminating touch. I think this is similar to L'oreal Highlighter Concealer. I would choose this one over the L'oreal since it is cheaper and it does the same trick.