Slate: 3 Foundations I Dislike and Do NOT recommend

by - June 19, 2012

The Rimmel and Maybelline foundation were the ones I used during teen times around 14 - 16 ages. At that time, my skin was really bad so I wanted a full coverage foundation. I thought Maybelline and Rimmel were good but looking back and seeing my old photos I realise how bad it all looked. Revlon concept seemed cool when it first came out so I bought it but I regret it. I normally take photos of my products with my camera but I chucked all these foundation out because they were really, really bad. I cannot use them again.

1. Rimmel Recover Foundation (Save your £4)

This was my first ever foundation I bought and I liked how it seem natural and good for the skin because of all the vitamins it had. It also blended nicely on my skin. What I didn't realise was my face looked greasy and oily. My face skin was horrible. You can see the horrible skin and the glitter on it enhanced my blemishes even more. It was watery and ....... just horrible. I bought this and maybelline because it was the cheapest foundation at drugstore during those time and also it was the popular foundations.

2. Revlon Photoready Foundation (Save your £8)

I got this foundation when it first came out cause I thought it might be a good replacement for the laneige snow crystal foundation also I saw one of Bubzbeauty video recommending this foundation and thought "oh I might try it" since it supposingly gives a natural glow to the face and abit glittery on the face. DON'T BUY THIS FOUNDATION. I liked it at first but probably because I only wear it for a few hours but if you wear it the whole day it will not last and it enhances your blemishes from all the glitter it has on the face. You can see the huge pores on my face. I chucked it away the moment I saw a hideous reflection on a mirror when I went shopping and my friend pointed it out that my pores look huge and I needed to get a better foundation. What a waste of my money. Glitter is never a good look on your face to be honest.

3. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse (Save your £6)

I liked this... no I loved this foundation when I first started wearing since it gave a medium to full coverage look and made all my blemishes and spots and redness disappear. I didn't care in the colour before as well so I picked any colour if the one I wanted wasn't there. Boy was I wrong. Looking back at my old photos my face looked caked on. You can see the foundation did not match my skin colour. You can see lines from the foundation on my face. It was heavy on my face. I don't really understand why I liked it so much before. One advantage of it is that it actually cleared my spots but that is about it. It is too hyped up. You can tell when someone is wearing maybelline dream matte mousse because their face will look caked up.

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  1. Amazing blog dear!
    Now, I'm your new follower... follow me back ;-)

  2. I agree 100% with your reviews!

    I think the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse was the first foundation I ever bought and I used to think it was great, but looking back it's consistency is actually like slapping your face with clotted cream!

    It's so thick, it adds a whole new layer onto your skin, instead of sinking into your skin and being unnoticeable which is what foundation is supposed to do.

    I also used Rimmel Recover and as your skin naturally sweats, this has NO staying power and this just slides off your skin.

    My worst foundations are:

    1. The Body Shop (liquid toned foundation). This was terrible! It started raining when I was wearing it, and the first drop of rain on my face, the foundation turned a light yellow colour and dripped off my face!! It was terrible !

    2. MAC Studio Fix Fluid. Don't let me put you off Mac though, their Mineralize foundation is fine. But this is too thick a foundation, it feels heavy and too noticeable.

    3. Estee Lauder Double Wear. Lots of women LOVE this foundation because it stays on incredibly well ( it lasts up to 10 hours!) but there is a reason why, and it's because it's thick and drys like cement and it's incredibly hard to remove. It makes the face look very flat too, it's not attractive.

    1. Lol start your blog S-J :) x