Benefit vs MeMeMe Highlighter

by - June 15, 2012

Saver: MeMeMe Beat the Blue (£5.25) or Spend: Benefit High Beam (£18.50)

I love using highlighter to enhance my cheekbones or make my nose look taller. So I first knew about highlighter from Bubzbeauty and I have got to say that it really does make your face look natural and have a glow as well.

As you can see they are both them same and they both do the same job however, the benefit high beam last alot longer than MeMeMe without priming your face. That is the only different in the product ..... and the price. MeMeMe is ALOT cheaper than Benefit and for the same quantity of product as well. So which one to go for?

Save: MeMeMe. Both does the same job so might as well get a cheaper one.

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  1. I have High Beam and I love it!

    You can't use te brush applicator that comes with it to apply otherwise you'll have a streak or dots , best to take some on the back of your hand and then apply with a fingertip or even mix it in with your foundation and then apply!

    It looks like it has more of a pink tinge and than the other one that looks more yellow.

    The best way to test highlights is to try them both on, on different sides of the face and then take a picture with the flash on. The best highlighter with reflect the light and therefore it will be clear which one has the best performance.

    You can also apply it under the arch of your brow! And cupids bow of course.