Best White Eyeliner

by - June 26, 2012

This white eyeliner is amazing! It is the best white eyeliner I have owned ( well it was my first one) but I know it is good because my sister tried purchasing white eyeliner in the UK but the white eyeliner never stays on her eyes and it is hard to apply and the white does not show as well as this one. I got this when I was in Hong Kong and I just went into Sasa or Bonjour (not sure just a chinese version of superdrug) and I picked this white eyeliner up and it is really good. I am not sure of the brand (don't think it is famous) so I don't know whre I can buy it again.

Showing really well even in dark areas.

You can see it really clearly in my eyes at the bottom as well. This white eyeliner stays on all day and it is very noticeable. It is also good for highlighting your high eyebrow and your upper lip.
I just hait buying products that are good but not able to get my hands on them again. Sigh. And also I am so sure I got this for HK$10 which is around £1 I think but I remember it was really cheap.

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  1. You should search them up online, they might have a website.

    I've used a Natural Collection white eyeliner and it was RUBBISH! Just useless.

    I use a Krayloan white eyeliner, and their one works well.