Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation vs. Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation

by - June 18, 2012

Spend: Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation (£19.99) vs. Save: Boujois Healthy Mix Foundation (£5)

I really like the Laneige foundation. it comes with a concealer as well at the top and it has a mirror at the top. It is also a pump, so you pump the foundation out. I really like the smell of Laneige as well. It gives you a really healthy glow to your face and I would say that it is light to medium coverage. I only use this foundation in special occasion since it is so expensive however what I don't like about this foundation is that it makes my face look ghastly white in cameras and I feel like it gradually gets whiter. Anyway I found an alternative that was cheaper and as good as laneige and that is Bourjois, Bourjois has a nice fruity smell and the colour matches my skin. It is also light to medium coverage and it gives you a healthy natural glow. However, it does not last as long as Laneige Foundation so primer is required.

Save: Buy the Bourjois Foundation. It is a really good foundation for a drugstore brand. It can really compete with the high store brands. It is also quite big so can last for a while.

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