Laneige vs. The Body Shop Primer

by - June 16, 2012

Spend:  Laneige Sebum Primer (£21) vs. Save: The Body Shop Skin Primer Matte It (£11)

I have really oily skin and my make-up vanishes really quickly in the day so I always need primer. I really like Laneige primer (Bottom in Picture) because it really matte my face and makes apply make-up easier. It has a really nice "laneige" scent. However, it was really hard to get my hands on since it was a korean product so I would get it online. I found the price to be too expensive though so I tried to find a primer similar in my local area, UK.

I have to say that The Body Shop (Top in Picture) one is very similar to Laneige one however it has less quantity with 25ml compared to Laneige with 50ml. The body shop does not have a scent but the texture is clear which is similar to laneige. It mattes the face without make it greasy.

If I was in Hong Kong, I would purchase the Laneige one but it is easier to get my hands on The Body Shop so I purchase that instead.

Draw: Body shop is cheaper but has less quantity so in the end the same price but if you can't afford that much or hardly use primer than purchase the Body Shop.

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