New Make-up Brush Set

by - June 07, 2012

I have recently purchased a make-up brush set on ebay and (was so excited) finally it is here! I need to clarify something though and that is these are NOT MAC brushes. I don't understand why it has a MAC label on it. It was not a MAC price and I did not expect it to be MAC. I bought it because it stated it was "high quality" and the price was very cheap for a brush set (around £10). I can be ditzy at sometimes but I know for sure these are not MAC brushes. I just wanted good eye make-up brushes and sometimes there are some really good quality brushes without any brand on it.

 I quickly tried the brushes by brushing them on my face. I am very pleased with the eye make-up brushes. They are very soft. However, I was not so pleased with the bigger brushes (as expected). I felt the brush was made of soft and hard goat hair mixed together.

The eye brushes are exceptable. Hopefully they will last when I wash them regularly. Here is the link where I purchased the brushes. I think this set are perfect for beginners who wants to experiment with eye make-up.

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