Review: L'oreal True Match Roll On Foundation

by - June 17, 2012

Product: L'oreal True Match Roll On Foundation
Where to Buy: Stop Selling

The reason why I liked this foundation at the start was because it was cream foundation and also the sponge roller made it really easy to apply on my face. The colour matched my face really well. I am not surprised that L'oreal has stopped selling the product though. After a few use I didn't use the sponge since it was getting really dirty and my foundation was covered in dust as well.

Verdict: 5/10. The quality of the foundation was good but I think the problem was the concept and packaging. It was quite expensive as well when I bought it and there was very few quantity. This was a fail. If it was a success other brands would try and produce a similar product (e.g. Revlon Lip Butter, YSL highlighter). L'oreal has other better foundation like their mineral.

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