Review: Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow Palette

by - June 27, 2012

Product: Revlon Illuminane Creme Shadow Palette

Price: £3 to £5
Texture: Creme
Colours:  Precious Metals 09 (Silver, Gold, Bronze, Copper)

 As you can see the creme eyeshadow is very shimmer, the colour is quite faded so there isn't really much pigment. However, they are quite waterproof especially the dark colour.

 I don't really use much of the dark colours and as you can see I use the silver colour the most. I use this as a base for my eyelid or to highlight my brow bone. The colours are very nice and very natural.

 Verdict: I think this eyeshadow is perfect for an everyday wear or for people who doesn't really like using bold colour eyeshadow. This can be used alone, however, you have to use alot before the colour really shows and the quantity is very small so you can finish of in a few months. I think this eye shadow is really good for highlighting. There is many different other palette with different colours to choose. I would buy this again but in another different colour.

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