Review: Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Plum Perfection

by - June 23, 2012

Product: Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Plum Perfetion Hair Dye
Price: £4 sales
Colour: Red/Purple

I haven't dyed my hair for over 6 months. I dyed it in January Brown/Black with L'oreal mousse and I told myself I was never going to dye my hair again because I feel like once you start dying you have to keep it up. However, I really wanted a change and I got kind of bored of the black hair so I decided I want to dye my hair purple. I've dyed my hair in brown before with Liese, Loreal and going to a professional hairdresser but I got really bored of dying it brown so I wanted a change.
It was between red or purple, but I feel like most people dye their hair red and purple is different.



My hair is black with brownish bits at the bottom of my hair. I knew if I wanted to make it really noticeable I should get a lighter shade. I did not expect the colour of the package either.

After Dying:

 Day 5:

Verdict: 8/10 After the dye, the colour did not show but I was confident that after a few washes the colour would show (since this always happens to me) I don't think the camera showed the colour well in Day 5. I think it is abit lighter in real life. But  you can actually see the purple abit and I've only washed my hair once in the 5 days.
I am very pleased with this product, it was on sales when I bought it so I am pleased with the price. I dyed it myself and it was very easy to apply. The product made my hair soft and less greasy as well which is good because I have a oily scalp. I would definitely recommend people who has never dyed their hair because the colour really shows.

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  1. i'm thinking about dying my hair but i'm not so sure about going lighter or darker. That dark color looks pretty good on you though! I like it :3

    Love * Monstros no Armário

    1. Thank you so much! If it's your first time dying I recommend going light first but I think dying hair really depends on how you feel and what look you want. Hope this helps and thanks for commenting.

  2. hi, you look very beautiful with that hair colour, im gnna dye my hair that colour, my hair is naaturally jet black and its the fist time dying my hair. will it be visible? please reply thanks!

    1. Thanks for the comment :) I think it is better if you dye your hair really light first (like lighest brown) then try other colours. (or go for a really light red) x

  3. I've done this not long ago with Mystic Violet 87 with my dark asian hair only a few people have noticed deep purple tint when it was sunny. It was a good thing but eventually went red then deep pink.


    1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, my hair is going red now when it is in the sun. I hope it doesn't turn ginger. lol x