Review: Skin79 Gold Super BB Cream

by - June 19, 2012

Product: Super BB Cream
Description: Whitening, UV Protection SPF 25 PA++, Wrinkle Improvement.
Price: £9.13
Where to buy: Ebay

When I first got this product I really liked it because it was really nice and natural on my skin. It did not feel like I was not heavy on my skin and it did not make my face greasy/oil. However, it made my face really white. I really don't like asian bb cream any more apart from the Missha one because they all have whitening product and makes my face extremely white and it doesn't even adapt to my real skin colour. I don't know if it improves my wrinkles to be honest, probably has a very small amount of ingredient that does the trick.

Verdict: 5/10. I don't understand the hype in this bb cream. Why so many praise? The price is reasonable and the package is convenient but I don't think it is the best bb cream. Look at the image above, you can actually see the colour difference between my hand and the bb cream..... I do not recommend this product.

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  1. how come the letters "BB" on the bottle have rubed off, does it means its a fake?