Urban Decay v.s. Skinfood Eyebrow Powder

by - June 16, 2012

Save: Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake (£5.40) vs. Spend: Urban Decay Powder (£17)

I have been using the urban decay for a while now. Again, I purchased it when I watched one of Bubzbeauty video a few years ago (the natural flawless make-up Song Hye Kyo make-up?) and I basically purchased all identical products to get the look. The urban powder is really good though. I definitely prefer powder to pencil in drawing the eyebrow since it gives a more natural look. The product also lasts quite long as well. I like how there is two tones of colour so the dark one is to fill your outer eyebrown and the lighter for the inner eyebrow. However, the price was quite expensive so I tried looking for an alternative and found the skinfood. It is a lot cheaper and it gives you the same affect.

The urban decay (top) is slightly darker than the skinfood (bottom) and it lasts longer as well.

Save: I would recommend buying the skinfood to urban decay again because the price is cheaper and it is good quality as well.

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