Break Time

by - July 24, 2012

Hey everyone, I'm on a break just now so unfortunately I won't be able to update this blog until Friday. Thanks for continuing to read my blog. This is a short message. See you all soon x

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  1. Hello, I gave you an award, the versatile blogger one! Check this: :D

  2. wow. your eyes are lovely. and your eyelids are huge *ealous*
    youre spending quite a lot of money on make up dont you ??
    adorable blog ♥

  3. @Alexandra

    Hey thanks for the award! I will do the post soon :) x

  4. @Flawberries

    aw thanks I dont' think my eyelids are huge compared to a lot of other people. Yeah I just like spending on really cheap make-up products but good quality. x