Review: The Body Shop Chocomania Body and Lip Butter Exclusive Edition

by - July 21, 2012

Product: The Body Shop Lip Butter and Body Butter Chocomania Exclusive Edition

I got this on my birthday so I don't really know how much this will be. I always wanted to get chocolate flavour body butter and they finally released one. I love chocolate (who doesn't) so I don't mind the scent of it. 

The Lip Butter and the Body butter smells completely different I will discuss each individually.

Lip Butter - The smell reminds me of hazelnut chocolate. I think it's a love it or hate it smell. It is very moisturising  on the lips but it doesn't last very long.

Body Butter - This one has a more milky smell. It doesn't really smell like chocolate though. The smell is not as strong as lip butter. Again it is a love it or hate it smell. I rubbed some on my dry elbow and it did moisturise it but then I felt my skin kind of peeling and then the dry part is quite soft.

I don't really use The Body Shop Body Butters I prefer Boots Body Butter which I will do a review on it soon. The reason for this is because I find it abit expensive. I am glad though that I have a body butter from the body shop.

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