Review: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Air-Whipped Foundation

by - July 31, 2012

Product Name: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Air-whipped foundation
Description: Airbrushed Finish
Colour: Nude
Price: around £6-£8
Boots did a 3 for 2 for Maybelline so this was one of the products I chose. The description at the back states:
"Our totally new liquid makeup sensation for an amazing air-brush finish! Air-whipped formula: the lightness of a mousse in a liquid foundation. Luxurious, yet amazingly light to touch!
Air brush satin finish: coverage is flawless, seamless, incredibly smooth, subtly luminous."

Sounds all too good to be true.
 Before:                                                                                              After:                          

So as you can see it does really well at covering my blemishes. I don't think the photo of my before is realistic but in real life I have huge pores and a few blemishes. I look really tired as well. The foundation comes in a pump so very easy to use. It is not mousse but definitely liquid formula. It brightens my face. This foundation is actually one of the good foundation maybelline has made to be honest. It was really easy to blend on the skin and it is a medium to full coverage. It doesn't feel heavy either on the skin. However, if you put too much it may look cakey so a little goes a long way.

Verdict: 8/10. Really like this actually. Most of the foundation are really expensive but this one is a lot cheaper and it works really well. I really like the texture and the outcome of this foundation. There is no scent to this foundation.

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  1. The coverage looks really good! Sounds like a great product

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    1. hey thanks for the award :) x

  3. You're right. This must be a good product. :).

    Thank U for joining to my members. From now, I'm Your member too. :)

    I will look. ;))

  4. This was my first ever foundation^^ but it's true, it can look cakey if you put on too much :) X

    1. Yeah, this is my first time using it. x

  5. the coverage is really good:)

    1. yeah it is and you can build it x

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  7. hi kristy! such an interesting topic
    i am fond of using foundation but this maybelline looks good
    i haven't tried this kind of liquid foundation
    is it good for those peepz with an oily skin just like me ^_^?