Review: Revlon Photoready Cream Blush

by - July 17, 2012

 Product: Revlon Photoready Cream Blush
Colour: Pinched
Price: £6.99

Review: Revlon Photoready

I was quite disappointed in this product to be honest. The texture of the cream was like a lip balm. I had to apply a few times before colours started to show. Also, I kind of forgot that Revlon loves putting glitter on their products. I suppose putting it on a blusher is ok depending on where you apply it on your face but applying it on the apple of your cheeks will certainly enhance your pores. I thought it was silly to put glitter on a foundation as well. I think if you put it on the bones of your cheeks it could highlight your features.

Verdict: 6/10. I like how it gives a natural finish but aside from that, I really hate products that have glitter especially face make-up. Doesn't the brand realise that glitter enhances pores? I don't think I will be rushing to buy this product either.

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  1. I think this looks pretty, maybe if you applied it with a stippling brush could build up the colour without enhancing pores? x

  2. well i agree with you.. most of revlon products contain shimmer or glitter, not to mention their foundation :|

  3. Stacey Kane: I will try that thanks :)

    Rini Cesillia: thanks for commenting. x

  4. I'm not a bi fan of cream blushes but I was looking forward to trying this one as I'm quite a loyal user of revlon's products. So glad you reviewed this! Thank you :) x

  5. You're welcome Ploy Varnichgorn! Thanks for the comment :) x

  6. nice review!
    blogwalking here and find your cute blog. mind to follow each others? ^^


  7. Thanks for your review. I love cream blushes and have been using the maybelline ones recently :0) Dawn

  8. I have not tried the Revlon blush before, but I am generally not too keen on cream blush anyway as it does not suit my skin!

  9. Thanks for your lovely comment. Great post!!!
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  10. Thanks for the review! i was actually debating whether to get this product or not but your review has helped me make up my mind :) P.s I found your blog on soompi and im so glad i've found a fellow BBC! Im following you now, maybe you can check out my new blog? :) x