Thank you to my Followers and the Comments

by - July 28, 2012

Hey Guys,

I just came back from my holiday and was trying to change the template and layout of my blog however I was unsuccessful (and I spend ages on it as well!).

I haven't posted for about 5 days but I will start tomorrow!

I did check my blog during my break time and I tried to comment and follow back however I have really short-term memory and the layout of my comments does not have a reply (which one of the reason I tried to change the template) so I was not sure which comments I replied to. I have added a reply link so hopefully this will clear things up.

Thanks to my followers and new followers who has continued to follow my blog even though it hasn't been updated (I try to keep my blog updated each day).

I also try and do a video each week so hopefully, I can film a short one tomorrow and show it to you guys.

Thank you and hope you are all healthy and happy. xxx

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  1. I feel ya! hard to pump out regular blogs - but quality over quantity I say! :)

    Would love to know what u think of my new post?

    Jess xo

  2. ^_^ Welcome back from your holiday!
    I really do <3 your template. Do you make it yourself or do you get it from a website?

  3. @Jessica Tuong

    Hey thanks for commenting! I will check out your website soon :) x

  4. @Amyboo

    I didn't make it myself. I found it online but did edit some of it. x

  5. I love the colours and shapes in the top of the layout! Where is it from?

    1. I'm not sure to be honest... I just google searched for templates and went through alot of website and template before I found this one. It was so hard choosing the right one x