How to Get Beautiful Clear Skin (like Song Hye Kyo)

by - August 04, 2012

Yes this is a repetitive post, I find it very repetitve and boring. Why does (most) girls seem to always point to Song Hye Kyo when it comes to getting clear skin? It's cause she has amazing skin! I wish I have skin like hers (Laneige is very smart to have find her as the model of their company.)
So how do you get clear skin like her?

3 Basic Skincare Step (It is easier said then follow and it is a common step):

1. Cleanser - Use a good cleanser that works for your skin day and night.
2. Toner - Find a toner that is not harsh on the skin. This removes the excess dirts from your skin.
3. Moisturiser - Find a good moisturiser to keep your skin soft.

  1. Steam - your face. I have a proper one (will do a review on it) or you can use a tube of hot water place your head over with a towel and steam for 10 minutes. This opens the pores so the beauty products works better.
  2. Mask - Every fortnight to get rid of dirt and make skin soft
  3. Scrub - Every week remove blackheads.
  4. Hydration - Use a water base product
  5. Spot Cream - For blemish areas

Other non-skincare methods:

1. Get lots of sleep - less baggy eyes and looking tired.
2. Drink lots of water - hydrates the skin
3. Exercise more - sweating all the dirt out.

My Real Life Situation with Skincare:
Maybe I've gotten lazier or I just don't have the time to do these stuff. If I remember, I will do the skincare routine however most days I just either use a cleanser (that removes make-up) and then use a cream at night time. At morning...... if I remember or if I am fine with the coldness, I will cleanse my face only but I don't remember doing the other procedures.
I haven't done the "Additional" for awhile apart from using the Spot Cream when I see a huge zit but yeah, that is about it.
I don't sleep 7 hours but maybe 6 hours a day which is bad. I drink a lot of tea and I hardly exercise now.
I think this post will motivate me though to take better care of my skin.

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  1. song hye kyo is so pretty so is probably the first korean actress i heard about

  2. Ah song hye kyo is really pretty , i wish i had such amazing skin T_T
    she also really dance good, she's from snsd ^^!

  3. wow! indeed! she's pretty!!!
    she's beautiful :D


  4. Beautiful, clear, glowing skin is definitely something we all hope to achieve! I keep reminding myself to do steams and put on masks and buy an exfoliator, but for whatever reason (mostly due to laziness :p) I never get around to it. But I think no matter what we put on our faces, nothing can substitute sleep, water, exercise and a good diet :)

    1. yup I agree with you that sleep, water, exercise and diet is more important then the skincare. They are just additional products to improve the skin. x