Review: Freederm Cleanser

by - August 06, 2012

Product: Freederm Facial Cleanser
Price: £5-£10
  • Formulated by experts for spot-prone skin
  • Advanced pore cleansing action to combat blackheads
  • Antibacterial cleanser for all skin types
  • For daily use
Skin Type: Oily to Acne Prone Skin

This was my last cleanser that I went through during my teen time. I have used so many cleansers in my teens, drugstore to high brand (clinque, lancome, clearsail, clean and clear, garnier) and everything seems to make my face really oily or spotty or dries it out completely.
  •  Directions: Use Freederm Facial Cleanser every morning and evening in place of your usual soap or cleanser. Apply using your fingertypes, taking care to avoid contact with the eyes. Gently massage into skin using a small circular action. Wipe away any excess using cotton wool or rinse off
This is the best cleanser that I have used. It was a bit pricey for a drugstore brand at first but the price has dropped slightly now.

This cleanser is very gentle on my skin, it clears my spots and it leaves my face feeling clean and soft. If you keep up with it day and night each day, it actually prevents spots from appearing. I feel like when I get abit lazy and not use it my spots break out again but once I use it again it reduces it.

The cleanser packaging comes with a pump.The texture is white cream. You can rinse it off with water (which I prefer) or use a cotton pad to remove the excess.
 Freederm is a good brand for oily or acne prone skin and definitely recommend it to people with this skin type.

Verdict: 10/10
I just love this product.
I haven't been having the needs to find other cleansers for 4 years. However this cleanser is not a make-up remover. It is more like a healing cream. I'm still trying to find a cleanser which removes waterproof make-up.

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  1. I definitely recommend Emma Hardie moringa balm cleanser to remove makeup, it's lovely. And it's helped with my spots x

    1. Thanks for the recommendation I shall check it out x

  2. It helps decrease spots?! I'm sold!!! XD
    My Skinfood Seaweed Cleanser is great at removing makeup, but it doesn't actually help with acne. >_<

    1. Yup and it also prevents it as well if you use it constantly. x

  3. Great review! I have to try this out sometime soon! :)

    Stop by and check out my blog :)

    1. hey thanks for the comment! I shall check it out x

  4. Great review! I like a cleanser that clears acne but doesn't dry out the skin-that's really important! xoxo

    1. I'm sure you will like this product! x