Review: Laneige Water Bank Essence Ex

by - August 09, 2012

Product: Laneige Water Bank Essence Ex
Price:  $34.99 (£22)
Skin: All Types
Where to buy:

It was this video that tricked me into buy this product! Just joking (but seriously). I got this product because I read in the magazine that it was really good. It keeps the skin moisturised without making it get oily.

The texture is white. It is more water to cream. I really like this product. This made my face really soft and moisturised. You can wear this at day and night time. I think this is a good product to use after moisturising or you can actually use this and replace your moisturiser. It does not make the face breakout either. It is good for people who has really dry and sensitive skin. It gives the face a glow.

Verdict: 8/10
Good quality skincare. I think it is pretty decent for what you are paying for. Makes the skin look good. Keeps it hydrated throughout the day leaving it feel soft. Has a nice scent to it as well. A little pump goes a long way.

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  1. This product sounds really nice!~ I'm afraid to use it on my oily skin though. T_T;
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey, I have oily skin and this product works really well on my skin. It doesn't make it oily either. I think if you put more "oily" or "water" type products on your face, you produce less oil. x

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