Travel Make-up Kit

by - August 04, 2012

This is an overdue post. I was wanting to make a video of it before but I felt so awkward speaking and I find the video boring and awkward to watch so I decided to do a post only about it.

I don't like taking a big bag full of make-up. I try to take small essential products with me. I don't like carrying a huge make-up bag because I will need to carry my handbag and it ways it down and gets heavy.
I think I got this make-up as a gift from one of my Hong Kong relative but I don't remember exactly since it has been a while since I got this bag.
  1. Collection 2000 Perfection Foundation - If you read my post on it, you will know I was raving about this foundation. I took this one because it was long lasting so I didn't have to re-apply my make-up throughout the day since I was out a lot.
  2. Collection 2000 Highlighter Concealer - I just use this on my blemishes and dark areas.
  3. Eyebrow Brush
  4. Skinfood Eyebrow Powder - to darken my eyebrows.
  5. Bobbie Brown Gel Eyeliner - I did a test on which gel eyeliner lasted the longest and this won so it was perfect for holiday.
  6. Mascara - Maybelline waterproof mascara
  7. Eyelash curler - Shu Umuera
  8. Cream blusher - Inglot small and I can use my fingers so don't need to take a brush with me.
  9. Lipstick - Revlon sweet tart goes with any make-up look and clothes wear.
  10. Sponge - To blend the foundation and concealer.

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  1. I love this post :D cute travel bag <3
    does the Shu Umuera curler clip onto ur eyelids? I've been contemplating on whether the Shiseido or Shu Umuera would be convenient in long run?
    Thanks ^^


    1. Hey, I have not used Shiseido eye curler however my cousin's girlfriend got me this since she told me these do not get caught in your eyelids and it is so true! They don't hurt the eyelid (unlike other eye curlers, unless you positioned it wrongly)The rubber part inside does not last long so you will need to replace that but aside from that others are fine. Hope this helps. x

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