Different Standards of Beauty: Dying your Hair

by - September 02, 2012

It has been a while since I have posted. This is my second "Different Standard of Beauty". Today I want to discuss about "Dying your hair."
I don't want to stereotype the Western and state that they always want to dye their hair a darker shade because I think, in the end, it depends on the person and what look they go for.
However, for Eastern (well I tend refer to the Asians), if they do dye their hair, they will (obviously) always go for a lighter shade (unless they want their original colour hair back) because we all have black hair. When they do dye their hair, it will be different shades of brown  but others may take it further and go for blonde. There are also purple and dark pink/red colour. Does the hair colour suit them? I think that depends on the person. Some really suit dyed hair but others will look better with their original hair colour.

Personally, I think I look better with dyed hair (like light brown). Most people think I look better with really light brown hair. I've had my hair coloured light brown for a while but I got bored of it so I dyed it dark brown but then it turned out black and then it got a bit lighter but I got bored again of the light brown so I dyed it purple. I actually wanted my hair to be a dark brown or brown hair but it never stays. I don't think I will dye my hair again. I just find it too much of a hassle and the tips of my hair are getting really dry and I have a lot of split ends. I've cut my hair but the split end still seems to exist. I need to restore to healthy hair.
I'm waffling just now. So anyway, I think dying hair is quite fun because it kind of changes your appearance and it is a nice change.

I think for Western, you can dye your hair any colour you want but I think the most popular colours are  black/brown, blonde or red (well this isn't actually very popular, I don't think, but it is an option).

Dying your hair expresses your own personal style and what look you go for. Choosing the right colour is really important but hairstyle is also important. I will write another post relating to different hairstyle.

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    1. Thanks for the comment! I followed! x

  2. I ♥ milk almond color, so kawaii, but I never dye all of my hair. I am afraid that it would make my hair dry.