Review: Clarins Eyeliner and Lipliner Pencil

by - September 16, 2012

Review: Clarins Eyeliner and Lipliner Pencil

This is a short review. I'm not really sure how much this all is or when it was bought. I think this belonged to my mum or sister that was hidden in the drawer for a while. Anyway, I really like the eyeliner. They are really good quality. Just one stroke and you can easily see the colour. The eyeliner are very pigmented.  The lipliner isn't as good as the eyeliner. You need to draw it a few times before the colour show.

Rating: 9/10 for Eyeliner and 5/10 Lipliner
This product is really good. I like the Eyeliner as it is very pigmented and easy to use. The texture is very creamy. I think it is buildable as an eyeshadow. I will be using the white shimmer eyeliner a lot. As for the lipliner, there isn't really anything outstanding about it. Just a regular lipliner. The one thing I dislike is the price (one eyeliner from Clarins is £15) but I guess you are paying for the good quality. I don't know when I will buy this again though.

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