Review: Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals Foundation

by - September 16, 2012

Name: Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals Foundation
Price: £4.99
Description: Silky Mineral Powder with in-built brush
 Where to buy: Boots/Superdrug

"High Precision brush for easy application.
4 in 1 formulation containing foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen.
Contains 100% natural mineral pigments.
Gives a light even effect which lasts all day."

I have oily skin so I generally prefer using mineral foundation (however, mineral foundation can sometimes make my face more oily then liquid foundation because I'm taking oil away from my skin so my skin thinks I need more oil and produces more).

The packaging reminds me of the L'oreal True Match Mineral Foundation but in a slimmer form. The brush is surprisingly better quality then the L'oreal brush. It is softer and it doesn't feel so rough on the skin. However, it isn't a very good applicator so I still recommend using your own kabuki brush.

As you can see the quantity is very small which reminds me of the dust glitter eyeshadows.
                                            Before:                                                       After:

This is light-medium coverage. It isn't very buildable. What I like about this foundation is that it is very natural and it does not make my skin product excess oil. However, it doesn't really cover my blemishes. 

- Good Value for a mineral foundation
- doesn't feel heavy
- does not make skin oily

- small quantity
- not buildable to medium coverage
- not long lasting
- does not cover blemishes

Rating: 5/10
I don't really recommend this foundation unless you have really clear skin and just want a foundation to give you a nice texture on your face. It kind of defeats the purpose of a foundation. It doesn't last long. The brush is not entirely usable and the packaging is quite messy. I would say invest in a better mineral foundation instead of this one.

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