Review: RMK Skintuner Brightening Light

by - September 05, 2012

Product Name: RMK Skintuner Brightening Light
Price:  £32
Where to Buy: Selfridges & Co

" A brightening moisturizer infused with Rhododendrol, an active whitening ingredient to restrain Melanin formation and to prevent future blemishes and freckles for the bright lucent complexion. Its concentrated moisturizing formula penetrates deep into the Cornified layer and drenches the skin with moisture, replenishing the damages resulted from dehydration and other toxic deterrents. The light fresh Light type soothes the skin with its fruity Bitter Orange scent, and the silky rich Moist type soothes the skin with its fresh Raspberry scent"


Hi Everyone! 
It's been a while since I have reviewed a products. I actually have a lot of products to review and a lot of post ideas (like 30 in Draft) but I have yet to have a chance to write about it and publish it. 

Anyway, back to this product review. This product is so expensive! And it does not match my blog concept (which is to share with you really good cheap products.) The good thing is that it was my sister who paid for this product.
So this product claims to:

- brighten dark areas
- give clear complexion
- hydrates the skin

This product reminds me of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

The texture is watery and clear. It feels like water so you just need to pump a little bit.  I think this does moisturise the skin but does it brightening the skin? I think you need to use it for a while before it does. RMK would not call this the "whitening" product in UK even though it as but it calls it the "brightening" product for dark areas and freckle since in UK most people prefer a tan. Also, they actually have a high SPF figure but they had to lower the number because it was not allowed in the UK.

This product is an alternative to the SK-II. So this product is actually very cheap compared to SK-II which is around £70 - 100.
So this product will be perfect for winter when your skin gets quite dry and it may help to brighten your skin but that needs to be constant use of the product before it will occur. I will constantly use this product and provide you an update to see if my face has brighten (in the nose dark area and under eyes).


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  1. Ooh both the RMK and SKII serums look so tempting ! I've always wanted to try the SKII treatment but couldn't justify the price $_$. haha
    New follower:) looking forward to your future posts

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  4. Thanks for this review... I've always wanted to get the SKII but the line is so expensive! I think I'll try out the RMK first since its more affordable =)

    I am having a giveaway on my blog with beauty goodies from Asia. Hope you'll check it out ^_^

    1. Thanks for commenting! I will check it oot! x

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