Review: e.l.f. All Over Color Stick - Pink Lemonade

by - October 23, 2012

Product Name: e.l.f. All Over Color Stick
Colour: Pink Lemonade
Price: £1.50
Where to buy:
- Naturally illuminates for a healthy glow
- instantly soothes & conditions skin
Multi-pupose formula
Twist stick and apply to face, eyes and lip

I bought this because it was so cheap. I didn't know it can be used as a lipstick and an eyeshadow, I was just trying to find something for my cheeks. The color stick is very easy to apply on and use. It is like a big lipstick. There is also a scent as well like pink grapefruit. The lip also has a shimmer as well. As you can see there is a glow on my cheekbone and there is a noticeable pink colour. I just put a little bit on my cheek. The colour is very buildable if you want more on it.

 So anyway, I tried putting it on my lips. It isn't very easy to just apply it directly to your lips since the lipstick is very big so you kind of have to put it on your fingers first and then apply it on your lips. It is actually very pigmented and it has a nice shimmer. I also tried it on my eyes and you have to apply it with your fingers. It is also very shimmery and pigmented on my eyes.

Rating: 10/10
 I'm not sure if this smoothes or conditions my skin but my lips did feel moisturises. This is so cheap and it definitely is a multi-purpose stick. It depends on what colour you choose though but I think this colour works for the cheeks, lips and eyes. This is only £1.50 so I don't really have much to complain. This is good quality for what you are paying for. I wouldn't use this on my lips, cheeks and face at once though.

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    1. aw thanks haha, thought the eye and lips looks abit dodgy on the pictures x

  2. I really like to use this on my cheeks. It looks great on you.

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  4. Looks really pretty on the cheeks :) xx

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  5. Looks like a nice multi-purpose item~ & it looks pretty<3

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  6. Elf products are always good :)

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