Review: Maybelline Pure Blush Mineral Powder Blush - Topaz Rose

by - October 02, 2012

Product Name: Maybellline Pure Blush Mineral Powder Blush
 Price: £3
Colour: 10 Topaz Rose
Skin Type: All but perfect for combination/oily skin
Where to buy: Ebay (stopped selling in UK)

I bought this product ages ago and there is still plenty left. You aren't suppose to keep make-up for a long time but I use mines until they are finished or when it looks unusable. This product is still usable. As you can see this comes a big plastic small jar. This product is quite messy. I tap the mineral blusher on the lid and use that on my face.

I really like this blusher. As you can see, it is very pigmented on my left cheek (right cheek on the photo) and it creates an illuminating affect as well. This works well as a highlighter and blusher. I normally don't like glittery products because it makes my pores look huge but this product doesn't have that affect even though there are noticeable glitters on it.

  • The packaging is big for a blusher so it is long lasting
  • This can also be a highlighter for the skin creating a healthy glow
  • It is very pigmented
  • The blusher is buildable
  •  Hard to purchase nowadays
  • some people might not like the glitter
  • doesn't last long

Rating: 9/10
It was actually hard to think of the disadvantages for this. I think this product stopped selling was because there is a huge quantity so people takes forever to finish it (as well as other competition in the market and other make-up items become popular). I wish they would get this back on the market. I love this blusher. It was my first blusher I got and I am very please with it.

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  1. pretty powder, you look cute with blushes :D

    1. Hey thanks for the compliment :) x

  2. that's such a pain that it's hard to find but i'm glad that you liked the blush :)

  3. I wonder if they have this in hk, if they do you can buy it there x

    1. Yeah haha. I might try and get it online if I run out of it thanks Irene! x

  4. What a shame that it doesn't stay on very long.
    Beautiful blush though otherwise and it really suits you :)

    Ploy <3 x

    1. Thank you. Maybe it is just my skin. Nothing lasts long for me :( x

  5. I found a bunch of these at Big Lots in the US, so I'm still debating on whether or not to get this. I love blush, but I like pressed ones better!

    1. Hey thanks for the comment. This isn't much different from pressed ones but I suppose pressed one is less messy compare to this.