Review: Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay Pressed Powder

by - October 03, 2012

Product Name: So Matte Perfect Stay Pressed Powder
Description: "8hrs shine control for an all day natural matte finish"
Price: £3.09
Colours: Medium (3 to choose from)
Where to buy: Superdrug UK 

This is my 3rd powder I have got. I bought the Rimmel powder first but it made my skin really dull. I used the Laneige Sliding Pact for a while but it is a bit pricey and difficult to get and it made my face look really white and didn't have much oil control.

I decided to try this powder. The packaging is a normal sort of compact package. The lid is very secure. It comes with a really cheap sponge though. There is also a mirror inside.

                                          Before:                                                        After:

I really like this powder. It was better then I expected. As you can see my t-zone is quite oily on the before picture and it is totally matte on the after picture. I am not sure if this will last for 8 hours yet but I will do a post again to confirm if it does or not. The coverage is very light and it is buildable.

  • matte the face
  • very cheap for a powder
  • good for oily skin
  • Sponge provide is bad
  • not much colour to choose from
Rating: 8/10
This product was better then I expected. I didn't expect much from Miss Sporty. This product is very cheap as well. I think this product will last me a while before I need to get another powder pact. Unfortunately, you cannot get this from other countries apart from UK.  I will consider putting it in my giveaway for people to try it.


This didn't last for me unfortunately :(. My face was shiny again. I think this will be best for combination skin more.

Re-rating: 6/10

I guess I won't be using this since it doesn't last on my skin. I will need to search for another powder

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  1. It sounds like a great product! :)

    1. Thanks for the comment. This product might be good for normal to dry skin people or combination as well :) x

  2. Im currently using the MUA one and I don't really like it so im now on the hunt for a new powder, I think have have now decided which one Im going to try! thank you Kristy :)

    1. Hey I did an update on this product amd it doesnt last long for oily skin. If u av combination or other skin type it should be fine though. Good luck xx

    2. oh i see, I have only skin too :(
      we will have to search for the perfect powder! hehe

    3. I actually used it to today. Only my forehead got a little shiny but not oily but that's because I forgot to apply it to that area. I used a nivea visage young control shine mattifying gel cream before and then applied the Miss Sporty So Matte perfect stay. The fact that "we" have oily skin we have to make sure we use mattifying products.

  3. it looks like a really great product (especially looking at the before and after) how awesome :D

    1. Hey I did an update on this and it didn't last very long unfortunately :( x

  4. it looks natural but it really does not stay long as you said =( why it is so difficult to find great powder and foundation D:

    1. I agree with you! I guess I like trying new foundation as well! x