The Purpose of Clear Mascara

by - October 08, 2012

I was google searching online trying to find a clear mascara when someone stated "What is the point in clear mascara? They seem pointless!"
The reason why I was looking for clear mascara was because I have really oily eyelids and eyelashes. Non-waterproof Mascara seem to smudge really easily for me and I end up having panda eyes an hour later.
I need to use waterproof mascara (they smudge throughout the day though but not so much.) The worst with waterproof mascara is sometimes, even though I have use make-up remover to remove my make-up, the next morning, my eyes go black from the mascara. They are so hard to remove!

So here are the reasons why clear mascara was made:
1) For people whose eyes smudges easily
2) To condition the eyelashes and then apply black mascara
3) For people who has lengthy eyelashes that wants a more natural approach. I find putting on mascara then curling eyelashes makes them look longer

Clear Mascara                                                             Black Mascara

My Verdicts:
When trying to prove the worthiness of clear mascara, it was very difficult. I actually have to say, I prefer black mascara. The thing with clear mascara is my eyelashes didn't stay up when I curled them. I had to put the clear mascara then curl it and quickly take a phto of them before they fall down. This "photo" results is bias. With Black Mascara, the lasting power was longer and my eyelashes looks fuller as well. I just realise that mascara can become a really thin line of eyeliner as well when you brush your eyelashes inner your eyes. Anyway, the clear mascara is very natural and I think it is great for the lower eyelashes but I think I will stick with my black mascara.


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  1. I have greasy eyelids too.. i have to use waterproof ones.. but clear mascara doesnt hold my curl =S