Review: L'oreal Studio Silk&Gloss Hot Straight Cream

by - April 13, 2013

Review: L'oreal Studio Silk&Gloss Hot Straight Cream
Price: £2-5
Description:  The 1st StudoLine Smoothing cream enriched with Silk Micro-Fibres especially created for use with straightening irons and hairdryers. Results: Protect and smoothes hair 48 hours non-frizz with glossy shine and soft touch

I love this hair product! I have really long hair and for some reason, as it gets longer my hair gets drier especially at the back underneath my hair and the tips of it. This product is a proper life saver. It makes my hair really soft and the product also smells really nice as well like a fruity sort of smell. 
This product is non-sticky and very easy to use. You just need a little bit of the product (like the size of a nutshell) and put it on your wet hair and you may use more if you have more hair or longer hair. I use two nutshell on each side of my hair since my hair is quite long.

I didn't upload a photo of my hair because I don't think the photos I took did this product any justice at all. But my hair feels really soft after using it. I'm not sure if it did any help in terms of heat protection (I can't really test it out since my hair has a lot of split ends and how are you suppose to test that out?)

I remember I used this product in school and a random guy behind me stroked my hair and said "Omg it's so soft!" 

So yeah this product makes your hair looks really healthy that is is actually irresistible for strangers to stroke your hair.

Rating: 9.5/10
 So, if you have really dry hair than I definitely recommend this product for you. And if you use any sort of heat products like straighteners or curlers than this product is for you as well. Another good thing about this product is that if you have really curly or fizzy hair, it does make it sleeker. I didn't really need to use straighteners and my hair was sleek (but not poker straight). I didn't give it 10/10 because of the product size. They should really make the size bigger so I don't have to keep buying it again and again. I got this product quite cheap in Superdrugs at £2-3 but it is normally about £4-5.

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  1. i also use this product sometimes! it's really good :)

    NEW POST :)
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  2. hahaha random guy. Great review anyway!! :)