Review: Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

by - September 01, 2013

Name: Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream
Description: SPF 30 hydrating colour corrector
Next-generation perfecting formula delivers colour-correction, hydration and UVA/UVB protection for a more flawless look today and tomorrow - all with a refreshingly lightweight feel. Special optics help correct dullness, sallowness and other concerns to enhance skin's radiance. In shades that provide natural-looking coverage. Wears comfortably alone or under foundation.
Price: £28
Skin Type: All Types - Light Medium

This is the first CC Cream I have bought. After BB Cream, CC Cream became the "next thing". I didn't really know what the difference is between BB and CC Cream until I realize that CC stands for Color Corrector. 

I feel that CC Cream is exactly the same as BB Cream in terms of its purpose. They are both like tinted moisturizer but thicker, has high SPF and is a blemish/anti-aging product. The texture is like CC Cream as well since it is not in liquid form and it is not runny.

What I like about the CC Cream compared to BB Cream is that it does not make my face look white but it actually matches my skin tone. I feel that even when I put on BB Cream for medium skin color, my face still looks quite white but CC Cream blends into my skin color (I guess that is the change or improvement they have made to the BB Cream). It does not feel heavy on my skin and you only need a little to cover your face. CC Cream also gives a glowy skin look however it makes my face look shiny so I prefer BB Cream in that sense.

Ratings: 7/10
This CC Cream doesn't really have a nice scent. I think this is for people who doesn't really like putting on heavy make-up but likes to cover their blemishes. Even though BB Cream makes my face whiter I still prefer it to the CC Cream. I feel that the BB Cream helps my blemish more. I think the reason why this CC Cream is created is because of BB Cream's popularity. I'm sure they are going to make more like DD Cream or EE Cream soon. I think I will try a less expensive CC Cream since I don't think CC Cream needs to be as expensive as £28. What was I thinking?

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