Review: Laneige Brightening Cleansing Oil

by - December 08, 2013

Name: Laneige Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil
Description: Mild & thorough cleansing for clear & bright skin
Skin Types: All
Size: 250ml
Price: £22
Where to buy: Online on ebay

Okay, so I didn't really need a cleanser but for some reason I felt like getting a cleansing oil. I also saw this video:

So yeah this video made me buy this cleansing product because I want to get skin like Song Hye Kyo (basically I got conned by this video to buy this product.)
I got this product from ebay and it is brand new.

This is part of the cleansing line.
1. Pump the product 2 times on dry palm and massage on dry face for 30 seconds. Thoroughly massage the side of the nose in small circles, where makeup remnant tend to remain.
2. Gently wet the hand with lukewarm water and massage the face for another 30 seconds.
3. Wash face thoroughly with lukewarm water.

- This light cleansing oil has none of the oil products stuffy finish; it contains apricot seed oil that takes care of dead skin cells, creating a brightening effect. grapefruit and apricot seed are oils full of vitamin C which removes dead skin cells, restoring your original, pure skin while alleviating skin reddening. wash-off elements that are water-friendlier ensure quick, light wash.
- Gypsophila paniculata root extract, a natural cleanser, mildly yet thoroughly washes off even the heaviest makeup. Free of mineral oil that blocks your pores - a non-stimulating cleansing experience.

- face feels really soft and clean after using this cleanser
- it is not harsh on the skin and I like how it is an oil format since it cleans off the face make-up well.

- Does not get rid of waterproof make-up
- Might make your face break-out at the start

Rating 7/10
The reason why I gave this a 7 out of 10 is because I felt my skin was breaking out at the start of using the product. Maybe because it was a new product and my skin isn't use to it so I had to stop it for a day and use Freederm but then I went back to this product again and I think my face got use to it. My skin has to adjust to new products sometimes. I decided to try this cleanser even though Freederm was very good but I felt freederm didn't make my face glow. This cleansing oil gave my skin a healthy glow after using it. There is also a nice lemon, "Laneige" scent to the product. This product is like Shu Uemura cleansing oil but cheaper. It is suppose to remove all your make-up but I feel it doesn't work on the waterproof eye make-up. I recommend this product for people who wants to try cleansing oil and want to get healthy and brighter skin.

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