Review: Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick - 02 Frambourjoise

by - December 24, 2014

Name: Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick
Shade: 02 Frambourjoise
Price: £8.99
 Where to buy: Boots/Superdrug
I have been a huge lipstick fan! I'm always trying to find long lasting lipstick because I can never be bothered with touching up. My sister got this lipstick for me since it was 3 for 2 in Superdrug (or something like that). She thought it was a proper lipstick first but it turns out to be in a lipgloss package. The whole concept and packaging reminds me of the YSL lipstick. So this is another brand which has tried to copy the latest trend/bestseller of another high store product.
The smell is disgusting. I can't even describe what it is but I really don't like it. This is really easy to apply on unlike normal lipstick and it also gives a matte finish rather than a glossy finish (compare to YSL).

I am surprised to say that I really like this lipstick. This lipstick has a lot of pigment and it is also very long lasting. I put one coat on, let it dry, then I put on a second coat and the colour lasts for about 9-12 hours.

I definitely recommend this product for people who feels YSL Lipstick is a bit too expensive but want to try a similar product to it. This also comes in different shades as well. Sorry about the photos, I don't think it gives a true reflection of this lipstick.

Rating: 9/10



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