Review: Kiko Cosmetics Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick

by - July 03, 2016

Name: Kiko Cosmetics Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick 
  Shade: 117 Papaya 118 Salmon 127 Magenta
Price: £10.90 
  Where to buy: Kiko cosmetic stores or online

Hi there beautiful readers (if there is still any left on this blog). I have not blog for nearly over 2 years now. A lot has changed then. My life has changed about as well. The reason why I have stop blogging as much is because I guess life got a bit busy and I am socialising more which is great but I also feel that I am not as into make up as before? Or more I lazy cropping inside me in terms of blogging. But now I am back to blog some more now. So I am obsessed it lipstick for ages. I have a whole draw full of lipstick. I want to find the best lipstick and there are a few points as to what I class as a good lipstick. One is moisturising. My lips get chapped really easily so I need lipstick that are moisturizing. Second is long lasting. I always eat and I get lazy applying lipstick so my face looks really pale and ill without any colour on my lips and third is vibrant colours. Some lipstick colours don't really show or have nice colours. So I think I have found my favourite lipstick ever!

I found Kiko cosmetics in Amsterdam and they had a sale on. I went crazy and bought a lot of their products. They have many lipstick products but this Creamy lipstick has a really cute packaging here you click the button at the top and the lid comes off. It is:

  • moisturising
  • long lasting
  • great range of colours to choose from
  • reasonable drugstore price
Definitely my favourite lipstick! The colours fades a little throughout the day but you can still see it even after eating!

I will review their other lipstick but I am in love with this one.

Kreamiblush x

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